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So I am sitting here watching a biography on John John.  I am enthralled by not only his Kennedy charisma, but just by the life this man lived.  But that is not why I write.  I just wanted to share some images from around the house this weekend.  0712 0040712 0060712 0260712 0350712 002

1-My new dish that I found on a sale table to put my rings and such in when I forget to take them off before bed. 2-an amazing mug that I found on the same sale table that is designed to be half a boring ole’ coffee mug and half a cute tea cup. 3-fresh cup herbs that have filled the whole kitchen with the smell of basil. 4-the dogs were investigating the fallen swing.  4-fresh peaches and watermelon from the farmer on teh side of the road.

Wishing you a lifetimes of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W the girl in a cocoon of blankets


2 responses to “(bio subject)

  1. Ok, that is just about the coolest tea cup/coffee mug I’ve ever seen in my life!!!
    p.s. Yay for cocoons! 🙂 haha

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