(bayou subject)

Okay so better late than never right?  Dr. Snarky here is your last prompt.  “Bayou in the Veins.”

To know me is to know this image.  Enjoy. I am too tired to try to explain, ha ha.  I am still sooo tired, and I gots to upload to flickr…

I will say this…because of the size that I can post on the blog you can’t read the small writing, it says:

da monkeys ast, da tigahs ast, da elephants ast me to / straight from the water, straight from the water straight from the water / don’t let her catch you with a care / just give him one more chance try to see the beauty in this world / dance around me like a rain in lafayette / le faire vous

Bayou In The Veins

…lifetimes of paper rainbows…W living life amongs the invisible


One response to “(bayou subject)

  1. Artichoke, this is a great interpretation.

    I have been very pleased with everything you’ve done this week. Your channelling of your creativity to create artwork that is somewhat out of your usual realm (or to bring something into your usual realm, as with the “Master of Puppets” piece) has been enjoyable to watch.

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