(exhausted subject)

Okay so I have been out of town since Thursday….I meant to get more done. I had great intentions.  But alas the road to Whit getting nothin’ done is paved with good intentions. 

Dr. Snarky gave me two prompts before I left to have done before I left.  I got neither done, but tonight I got one done. 

Here is “Ignorance is Strength”  take from it what you will. 

Ignorance is Strength


On the vaca note.  I went out of town for a wedding. I will work on getting pictures and the second prompt up tomorrow.  I have collected all kinds of goodies form my adventure.  I will get my documentation up shortly. Shortly as in tomorrow.  On the road for 10 hours is exhausting!  None the less, I will chat at ya tomorrow dear readers.

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W the tired lil’ lady.


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