(cig subject)

20 Class A Cigarettes copyOkay so better late than never.  But above is my interpretation of 20 Class A Cigarettes.  It really goes down to my original thought.  I thought about Class…which to me is on the opposite end of the spectrum than cigarettes.  Then I thought about 20…the number.  I thought about how 20 used to be my magical number for all things great.  It is better than 1+1=2 because 20 had the courage to take on another 0.  Then I thought about 99 red balloons and all things numbered.  Then I thought about a school of fish and how things come better in groups. Anywho, my mind went in circles.  But it came back to butts and fish.  So I sketched and water colored. Water colored and sketched.  So I decided to put my water colorings and sketches on a gray hazy background to contrast the fish against the haze of smoking.  So here you go Dr. Snarky…now on to tomorrows prompt, “Something Blue.”

…lifetimes of paper rainbows…W again the non-smoker


2 responses to “(cig subject)

  1. Hmmm, this strikes as more like a public service announcement, but I like the watercoloring.

  2. It absolutely is a psa…not my favorite, but still all I could get on paper…the end.

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