(treading water subject)


Okay so this one I tried to think what I do after I feel like I have been treading water just to stay on top.  Those days when it feels like all I can do is flap helplessly about the pool of water that is my life that day.  Ironically, what I do, is hop right back in a pool of water.  This drawing reminds me of a line in “Eat, Pray, Live.” The line was about a girl who smelled like soap and water.  That is mearly a side note, but because it reminded me of this, I smiled a bit more on the inside. 

So Dr. Snarky himself over at working title  has developped a solution to this prompt, but in short story. Check it out. Read it, love it.Happy Friday! 

PS. Dr. Snarky: I need my prompt for Monday.  Thank you sir!

…paper rainbows…W the girl smelling of soap and water.


3 responses to “(treading water subject)

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Artichoke. Those prompts are coming right up.

    And to be honest, what I have over there is more in the line of a scene than a short story. You can’t expect me to produce a whole story in five hours. 😉

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