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Well, I must admit, I didn’t keep up with the college world series…but the other half of my Alma Mata pulled off their 6th baseball championship.  So today in my feeble attempt to support the tigers, i looked for all things gold/yellow on my way to work.  Above is the montage that has come from it.  I know you are amazed at the the awesomeness that is the yellow of Covington.

On another note, my knee is killing me, but alas, gotta keep on keeping on.  I have been working on the last of the goVentures for the week, treading water.  It was not difficult, but I found that it didn’t fit into the box the others did.  I guess today’s, started climbing out of the box a bit, but this one just a bit more.  This little design adventure has really helped me to get my creative mojo back.  I have many summer goals now.  I want to open an Etsy shop by the end of July.  I will finish projects!!!!  But on a more short term note: next week my goVenture will continue.  I have chosen my dear friend Dr. Snarky to give me and whomever else would like to continue the word for Monday.  He will hand over the prompt tomorrow. I will share. I would love for those of you that have been participating in this weeks to continue.  Kal + Elise have really gotten the ball rolling and this has been so much fun above anything else to watch. Not to mention I have found some great blogs in the process.  Who knew I could be such a cyber nerd.  wink wink. 

I am currently watching, remembering Farrah.  She is such a beautiful women.  She radiates.  She has the tiniest little voice and just so sweet.  So even though part of me swore I would not address the celebrity deaths today: I must say, I raise my glass of water(which for this sake we will pretend is the glass of wine I am wishing it was) to you. 

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W the half LSU tiger


One response to “(bengal subject)

  1. There’s irony here. The girl who actually attended LSU was *not* watching the game, but the guy who merely worked there for 11 months after receiving two degrees from a state-rival school was perched on the edge of his seat and finally had to put his notes down for the last three innings.

    Ah well, Geaux Tigers!

    Until they play the Bulldogs, in which case, “SIC ‘EM, DAWGS!”

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