(knee subject)

So I was leaving work today….wait back up…it rained.  It rained like cats and dogs.  So there were puddles. I fell in one. We will avoid the story as to how I fell in it, but I fell hard.  Got really wet.  And I busted my knee. It is black and blue, and I have a cut.  It hurts.  So I have been sitting at the kitchen counter while my roomie (aka my madre) is cooking for her party tomorrow, with ice on my knee and my leg propped on her kitchen trash can, all while working dilligently on tomorrows goVenture.  I was going to try to work on the NOLA 0620 book tonight, but no such luck.I am tired.  I am going to bed.


I do feel that I should share with you the scene I saw at lunch.  I can see it every Wednesday at the trailhead/farmers market at lunch.  I see 2 hispanic ladies, probably the sweetest ladies ever, cooking sopas for us lunchees. On the stage a circle of men and women playing, the fiddle, guitar, banjo, just string instraments in an outdoor jam session. It makes me happy.  I think, I need that kind of creative outlet in my life.  It was rather perfect, especially being that I had the words for tomorrow’s duel stuck in my head, song+dance…side note…this one was more difficult for me than last night’s.  I tried mixing mediums and nothing was coming out as I had imagined, but ahhhhh: Such is life.

Good night…  Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W the Klutz


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