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Day 2 Here I am.  I really liked this one. I definitely had a one track mind.  I think of all the relationship advice us twenty something girls dish out and take in.    I read this article in some fashion mag and Ali Larter said, “When you love someone you have to go big, and if you fall, girl, he just wasn’t the one for you.”  I have always loved this.  Now for a bit of Artichoke 101:

1.  I am not a hand holder.  I like affection, but unless we are dancing, or in a huge crowd in NOLA, I don’t need to hold your hand all the time. I don’t like to reach across the table and hold it. I just want to find your hand under the pillow at night.  It doesn’t need to be PDA-eee.  Just needs to be there at 3 am when I need to know you are there. Which brings me to numero 2.

2.  I don’t spoon.  I get hot. and arms fall asleep.  I just don’t like it. I, however, love to have my back scratched very lightly.  I just get hot when I spoon. 

My point in this Artichoke 101…If you can’t get behind these two things, you are not my type.  Furthermore, if you believe love has to fit into this gift wrapped box of PDA and spooning and pet names.  Then you are not my type. If you just love to make your own rules and dance in the kitchen while I rap out some Jay-Z Dirt of your Shoulders, or sing Bon Jovi “Living on a Prayer,” You just might be my type.

Also, fonts…I have a strange, un-educated fixation of fonts.  I find the ones that I like, however, are rather hard to read.  The ones I don’t like end up being the pretty, classic ones.  Go figure. Just like me. 

So with all this explanation I combined my non-type in guys with my type.  Now that I have completely taked in circles.  I wish you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W


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