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I work by a river.  I lunch sometimes by the river. I love lunching by the river.  Above was my very unhealthy lunch one day. Lunching by the river allows me to think a lot about the random in life.  Part of me wants to share all these, but I will not bore you with all this.  I will however share a random “pep-talk post-it” I found in my wallet on this “smart water” lunch day. 

You constantly ask why, but are rarely willing to answer.  Answer the question dufus. You know why.  Knowing is what makes you the Artichoke. They are in your life because you had to make sure. You are being tested. Right now you have a “C.” Do better.  You are ABOVE AVERAGE!

What is a “pep-talk post-it,” you ask.  It is the reminder to myself.  I never date them.  I never put anything in the pep talk that would identify it to a certain time period. It is merely a talk I have with myself at various points in my life.  I write it. I put it somewhere. Sometimes I find them a year later in my glove box. Sometimes a month later in my wallet. Sometimes months later in the journal, but they are my thoughts, my words of wisdom to myself. 


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