(forgetful subject)

I had so much to talk about and now I can’t seem to remember any of it.  As goes life. 

Today:  I got a new pair of converse. They are gray.  I completed day one of my SHRED!  I jogged.  I ate a great dinner and lunch.  Met with great friends.  Read some more. Made plans of nothing for the weekend!  Oh the life.  I may purchase a baby pool and lay in it this weekend.  All in celebration of the fact that I learned a lot at work today.  It felt like when I was in school and had big break throughs in projects. That moment when things clicked. Exciting.

Yesterday…Jogged with the dogs.  Decided that if Mags represents the red(as in bold vibrant attitude..she is obviously the gray dog), then SMUDGE is the gray.  He is so mellow, and evidently terrified of cars. I guess I should be glad. None the less he is so neutral.  So compatible. Oh how I love those two.  I also tried to fix my bike. I failed.  ha ha.  I will fix my bike this weekend. 

Ok…I have many thougths.  I am going to try try try to get them all in photo and on blog soon!  Till then, go be marry and remember to let loose and be merry! 

…paper rainbows…W


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