(sunday subject)

I find myself in a bit of an amazing part of life right now.  It is hot and humid outside. The dank hits you like a freight train when you walk outside, but alas the new hammock (picture to come soon!) is up and the sun is out, there is plenty of ice in the fridge so it is a swell day to sit outside.  I came in to eat some lunch. Leftover pasta and mushrooms. It was delightful.  And now here I sit writing  to you oh internet community.

Okay so I am reading this book, “Eat, Pray, Love.” I find myself enthalled by it.  It is like Liz thinks like I do. So in her own thoughts that she can’t escape sometimes.  Caught between reality and the reality of her thoughts. Does this make any sense?  Point is there was this line in the book…”her scent is intoxicating like when soap hits the water.”  Except the actual line was written in Italian.  The image that popped into my head was amazing….I don’t know why. It was like when I am sitting in the bubble bath and the light reflects off the bubbles and you have your feet propped up on the top of the overflow drain and then you grab the soap and it flies out of your hands up in the air and the suds are creating a comet like tail until it hits the water and the water splashes up in a perfectly mixed concoction of soap and water.  It is the image of the last thing you see before you close your eyes for one of two reasons, you got soapy water in  your eyes or because you don’t want to. That image.  I have never appreciated that image until I read it…

Happy Sunday! 

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter!…Whit


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