(weekend subject)

phew…what a weekend.  I made it a point a month ago to make no plans for memorial day, that lasted about a week.  Soon enough I was filling the nights up with shower invite making, cutting, addressing, and stamping, pool days, drinks with friends and family, and musickal shows. 

Well the invites were completed.  I am slightly dissapointed with the final product, but confident the next time around they were come out amazing.

I laid out in the sunshine saturday and then of course hit up camellia grill.  Then it was off down the street car and I met up with a great friend from college and my cousin, a real live cousin.  He was great.  I definately can see how we are related.  

brandi carlile

Then there was Sunday…I slept in…felt great!  Then Cam and I cleaned out the garage and I started setting up the “creation station.”  Before I knew it, we had swept and cleaned, so we sat on the floor and enjoyed an Abita Amber. Then it was off to take some clothes back and get dressed for brandi carlile.  The show was great!  However, the opening act…I think my buddy said it best…he was a bad bad Bob Dylan impersonator.  He mumbled.  I don’t know if he mumbled or if the sound was just awful.  I could not understand a word he was saying.  It became quite amusing because he would try to tell stories between songs and it just was not working for him.  Brandi on the other hand was great.  Below is my grainy, blurry picture I am sharing with you.  With that said…Lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


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