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Today is one of those days that the length of my to do list for the day is nothing to write home about…you would think that today would be pretty simple.  However, the long term to do list, things that need to be done, but not necessarily today is just piling up. 

There is the BBQ–burger thoughts running out my head. Now this little bullet point on my list should not be a big deal.  I should just provide some grub and be done, but no.  In this lil’ artichokes head I have to go all out.  There is no halfway in my brain when it comes to hosting. 

Then there is the 10 year reunion for high school…again, we got time, but I feel like I am slacking.  Actually I know I am slacking but an hour at lunch just doesn’t seem like enough time to get anything done.  I am calling and asking questions, and it seems like the more venues I talk to the longer the to-do list for this lil’ shindig grows!  Kinda exhilarating!

Paintings/Projects: Well this is the never ending list.  I have ideas coming out the wazoo!  I just start and then pick up, and then move along. I am working on a couple of new ones.  Nine square inches grows by the day.  The 1+1+1 project is growing.  It is proving to be very difficult.  Then there is the new painting…It is fun, but not coming together as projected…I am sure it will, it is the first one I have done in a long time, that is for me and me alone. This makes it that more stressful for me.  Then the button project.  Almost done!  YAY…I can’t wait for this to be done. 

Revised to-do list for tonight:

-Work on my very own new painting and add today’s thoughts to Nine Square Inches


-Charge iPod(has been out of batter for a week now, maybe that is why I am so stressed!)

– Fold towels and do a small load of laundry.

-Hang shelf in guest room.

-Research new cameras, again. 

-Get in bed, read, sleep…

-Get up and start new day of work, work lunch, maybe drive to NOLA, grocery shopping, dress shopping, etc, etc, etc.

Song lyric of the day: “I knew I should have stayed away, but, my God, it was beautiful when you smiled”

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W the Artichoke


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