(vinyl subject)

I want more records.  There was half price books in Houston and they sold records.  I want all the records in the world.  I want some Otis Redding on vinyl.  I want The Clash on vinyl. I just want more records.  Lately when I am in a really funky mood or a really good mood — side note…is it strange I deal with both ends of the mood spectrum the same way?–I put on Motown on and dance.  There is something fun about the fact that in the middle of the “My Girl” chorus, the record has a scratch and repeats. You have to pick up the needle and get the lil’ squeak when you lay it back down.  Records just make me happy. 

That is all she wrote.  I am on a roll today.  I really wanted to share a third random thought of the day.

I also started Nine Square Inches today! 

I also stated the 1+1+1 project

Next on the to-do list.  Finish aforementioned projects! 

I now leave on a sad note…It was all and illusion…House and Cuddy are not making sweet music together yet.  Tear.  Better luck next season, eh?

Paper Rainbows…W


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