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Good Morning/Afternoon World!

So I am offically telling myself that I am out of my funk. I figure if I just keep telling myself this than it will happen.  I need to be out of my funk.  Things are generally AMAZING, why in the world would I be in a funk.  I love love love my friends.  I love what I do. I have a job that is paying my bills and that presents me with new and interesting challenges each day.  It is almost summer time!  I love summer.  I love the humidity, I love the stickiness, I love the pools and the lake, and the late sunsets!  I LOVE summer!  None the less I feel as if I should share a story with you.  A story of sunshine and fun. 

So I live off I-12, which is the 80 mile filangee of I-10 from Baton Rouge to Slidell.  Lately there has been a lot of road work.  I was baffled by this road work as it appeard that they are building sidewalks.  I thought, wow, are we condoning hitch-hiking now?  Then I saw police cruiser parked on it as he pulled someone over, but this is in the median between the east and west sides…That can’t be safe to pull over in the middle.  I was just baffled.  More baffling was that they were not super long. They only happened at 1 mile intervals.  I thought, “Can I only hitch-hike for a mile?  What are these interstate sidewalks that are going up?  WHAT IS GOING ON? Was it an evil conspiracy to baffle me with useless questioning on my way to work, because it is that useless questioning that is pushing out valuable info in my brain(ask me about all the common sense facts that I have forgotten this month, you would be amazed)?  I must know what these mystery sidewalks are. 

Today…at this moment.  I learned.  They are the bases for guard-rails.  Look at that…such a simple and obvious answer, that never came to me.  Go me. 

Anywho…Happy Monday! 

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W the Artichoke


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