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I write myself notes on post-its. Sometimes they are lyrics songs, sometimes pick me ups, sometimes things to write or paint about, sometimes reminders, sometimes things people have siad to me, sometimes things I said to them. I save them all in a post-it note folder. 

So I am up here at work on a Saturday. Just wanted to get some things plugged into the computer and tie up some lose ends.  I don’t know how much work I am really getting done, but I am going to try.  But in between waiting for files to download I am sharing some of my post it notes….mostly lyrics to songs, sometimes the words friends write to me, but occasionally “don’t forget iPod.”

03262009 018

-I couldn’t find the rewind button & and thus is life. You deal with things beyond your job description. So I just held my head in my hands and breathed.  I just have to get it all down, it’s threatening my life inside my heart. I couldn’t jump the track. I saw him coming & he hit me like a freight train.

-Go big & get out. He’s not the one for you.  I know why you need to do this, but I wish you saw the girl in the mirror.  You’re amazing. You’re full of life, and everyone of these guys you let in your life steals a little bit of your heart, and you just let them, but you are W, you go big. You fall hard and bounce harder than anyone I know, but when it all falls apart which it enevitably will because he is no good, it is okay to cry. You don’t have to be strong. It is okay to hurt.  No one is depending on you to be strong all the time.  You are just a girl.  A girl who wants what we all want, love, but more than love, better than love, you want your counterpoint. The guy that is going to ebrace you, and hold you, and grab the back of your head  and kiss you when you’re walking down the sidewalk because the way you shake your butt when you walk is unavoidably precious.  So go big & get out.  When you get out I will still be in love with your heart. (probably the best email ever received…it made it to a post-it, post-its mean it made it to my soul).

Love doesn’t hurt, So I know I’m not falling in love, just falling to pieces…Ana Nalick  “Wreck of the Day”

-You put me on a shelf and kept me for yourself. I can only blame myself and you can only blame me.  I was swallowed by your sea. 

-How do poeople know you?  What do you want them to say? How does God know you?

-WHY? (been a post-it in my journal since my senior year of college)

-If I could write the ending of my story, my story would end with him.  (I guess that is why we are not allowed to write our own stories…that was said by me in ’07 sometime)

-When the game is over all the the pieces go back in the box

-Who do you PLAY for?

-Clouds are filled with music so let it fall on us like rain.

-Teach this town how to kiss the stars.

-The house, Houston, The lucky Balls, Texas judges, you have rights everywhere but Louisiana you better know the judge.

-When life give you lemons, you paint that S*!t gold.

-Cheif, first, rule.

-Revise the lull list!




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