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When, oh when, will this lil’ artichoke learn. 


-I finished(kinda) the guest bedroom in the house.  It is officially the mix of a college guys safe haven to come home to and a respectable guest bedroom.  I will send the pictures…i just have to figure out this dang shelf that needs to be hung.  blah…i am building a new wood bracket tonight.  The closet doors still have to be hung, two person job though…hint, hint.

– I am waiting on my books at the office so I can start studying up.

– I received Oscar’s christening gift, 2 days late but no biggie. I couldn’t go anywho with all the madness that went down the night before.  I just need to mat, frame, and mail.  YAY!

-MOTHER’S DAY–seriously need to get my act together.  Originally I thought I would get the massages and pedicures…which is great, but I feel like I have been more creative the past year and I need to step it up and keep on that track…thoughts?

-Now the recap…I have been frantically searching for my rewind button. The past weeks I have been on this track headed down one path, knowing that there is a freight train coming right at me on the same track, crazy thing is I kept getting hit by it, but I kept breathing.  I kept standing, dealing with things that I was never meant to deal with in this lifetime.  It was the first time in years I have been terrified.  I kept breathing, waiting for the beautiful. The beautiful came.  The peace came, and I thank goodness once again stand alone.  The past 2 weeks take the cake for the most bizarre, stressful, undeniably most frightening 2 weeks ever.  Lesson learned: Listen to your gut, your head, and your heart. When they are all telling you the same thing, chances are you should listen. 

-Burned Bridges….about two months ago I decided to start repairing burnt bridges…saying I am sorry.  This has proven to be quite difficult, I feel like in this task I have burned more than I have repaired.  I guess I just need to chalk it up to lessons learned.  I have said I am sorry for things that were done years ago.  Point is, I want to be a better person, a better friend, sometimes looking in the mirror and seeing the person staring back is scary, but sometimes it is amazing.  Sometimes my best will never be good enough, but sometimes it is more than enough.  So I am vowing to no longer sell my soul to the burning of bridges.  The End

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W


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