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Wow, it has been a while.  Life has been in quite an uproar. I guess the best way to go about this is to just bullet point things…

-My BEST FRIEND and I are speaking again and that makes me soo soo happy!  I think it is nuts that it took me so long to come around. But I guess lil’ radish said it best.  I was hurt. You were angry.  There was no convincing either of us that these feeligns we had toward each other were invalid.  We both had valid, logical, and very emotional arguments towards each.  Point is I am so happy to have my friend back. Simplicity in thoughts is exactly what I need in my life, and radish is the only one that has ever been able to offer it.

-UPDATE…Corn has been renamed after careful consideration and intense review of personality….can I get a drumroll please…..I don’t think you can handle it…can you handle it…Garlic.  Garlic is Corn’s new name.  From thus point forward we never mention the name corn again.  One day I will post the full explanation of the name.  Till then no more changing of produce names…you are what you are…GET OVER IT!

My ole’ friend…I miss my buddy.  Although Lemon and I have been in many arguments before, this one is the most awkward.  I think both of us are upset about two different things and neither willing to back down, but alas, it will work out. I am sure of it, but this song is for Lemon.

Moving on….who knew MUSHROOM and snoPea had such awesome dance moves.  I was very impressed.  Not to mention both are quite decent at humming “pop mix” tunes.

-So I have ordered my gift for OSCAR.  His Christening is this Sunday and I can’t wait to see the finsished product.  It is a Kal Barteski creatation and I can not wait wait wait to get it in!

Work…work has been wierd lately. I have been in a funk. I think for the past 2 weeks I have been really bringing the personal life to work and it has made for a very very very distracted Artichoke.  I had a picture to sum up my feelings, but alas DARN TECHNOLOGY!   So imagine “Jim Halpert face.” 

Creative juices: I have had a lot of ideas lately, but just can’t seem the time or the place to get them on paper. Radish told me the other day that she has a time that she calls “No Human Contact Hour or Night.” I feel like this might be the plan for me.  I just feel like right now I am playing catch up.  I feel like I have let so many things fall by the waste-side that I can’t find my way out.  I need a night.  Even if someone is there. A night that they say, Artichoke, I am going to sit with you in your make-shift studio and you are going to create. You are goign to finish these half done projects…and dang it child you are going to like it!  Alas, however, I don’t see anyone letting me do that anytime soon.  and such is life.

New favorite quote:

“True freedom is willingness to give you heart away into someone else’s hands.” Can’t remember where I heard it. I think it was  Katie Herzig song. 

“I do not understand, why do I stress the man, when there are so many good things at hand…Just be my own best friend…” Tears Dry on Their On  –  Amy Wine house


I think that is enough ramble for one day…

Wishing you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…W


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