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I find my life in quite the uproar lately.  Not that it is not always in some sort of an uproar, but lately, more than ever it is in a place that is something completely abnormal.  I am somewhat enjoying the ride, but I gotta be honest…my hands are up in the air, I am going down the roller coaster, but kinda tired of hearing the screamers behind me.

I played the music game yesterday.  I said, “iPod, I am putting it in your hands.”  I put it on shuffle songs and pressed play.  Now the song that came up, I am not sure if I laughed because I had it on there or because it came on but it was “Ain’t no Other Man”.  I giggled and drove to work. Then in a complete lack of thought on my part caused major unnecessariness. So I leave the office at 11:30 to go to my first chiropractor appointment.  I trust in the iPod again.  Then I giggle again…because this is what came on.   Now iPod is right, I am no good. In the words of Phil Collins, “I can’t dance. I can’t walk…”  I am awful at saying the right thing at the right time and when I am in a funk it is hard to drag me out. I will kick and scream, but I always snap out of it. 

Speaking of snap.  There was some snap, crackle and pop going on in my neck yesterday at the chiropractor.  It was so gross. The soreness did not subside, the headaches have not calmed down, but I have faith that they will.  Last night I was in tears the pain was so bad, but I have faith, so I put some ice on it and moved on with my night.   I couldn’t fall asleep due to the pain so I drank a glass of wine, took a bath, and finally I had relaxed myself enough while watching Chelsea Lately to fall asleep.  And sleep I did. 

There is really no point to this post.  It is actually a complete waste of your time to read it, but I just thought I would share my yesterday experience….oh one thing I forgot…I had shrimp! I love popcorn shrimp. Yum-o-Mundo!

Okay I have wasted enough of your time…paper rainbows people!  Whit…


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