(amore subject)

I have been thinking a lot about love and what it means to be in love. About the stages of love etc.  Have I ever been in love or do I just love the idea of being in love?  Who knows knowing me.  I am here, I am there, I am everywhere. I do know that when it has felt the most like love I have come to regret the most  Mostly the way I handled this new found emotion.  ~~Sidenote: people who say they don’t regret are lying, of this I am most certain, I know shocking for me.  Don’t worry I am not a complete cynic yet[winking with smirk on my face]~~The answers will come in time I am sure.  Till then, I went searching for love on the world wide web, and well these three images are the results of my investigation and, well, are just lovely to me.  Enjoy!

Making a list and checking it twice:


Kissing Checklist:


When there is only one thing left to say…


“honey when you doubt my love for look into my eyes what i’m going through, even when we change and fall out of, hold my hand it’s better than love.”  (ps, i also love that Sons of William are singing with Griffin here)


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