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I can remember the first time I drove to baton rouge for school. I was so excited.  I went through New Orleans so I could stop at a friends house there. Baton Rouge never fails to bring out a different side of me. 

Friday: work was a long day. I was so pumped, and ready. 5:30 rolled around and we were off.  We turn down the back roads head behind Covington and then there they pass. 1-2-oh wait 3 cop cars, sirens going and lights a flashing.  So like any other curious lil’ artichoke I follow.  I think SnowPea liked the idea of the adventure.  We follow till we had to turn only to learn nothing but what ever happened happenened in the back yard….boooo.  Then there I saw it my lil’ garage I drew the plans for, being built! Yay! Then as I keep on driving I see it, my coworker with her daughters selling girl scout cookies!  I had to buy some!  Finally I made it to best buy researching cameras.  Then world market. Finally we were off.  We arrive in Baton Rouge about 8:15 to an awesome meal of baked chicken, veggies and great salad.  Then we were off to the show!

The show was great!  I was not really knowing what to expect.  I didn’t know if it would be really upbeat, or really chill, would there be jumping up and down, would we be waving our hands in the air?  What would it be like?  It was amazing.  They all rotated off the stage, one song after the other, and they KS Rhoads ended, with Bayonet and a Cigarette!  It was great!  After we walked around and danced to some Sons of William after the show and them met all the brilliant artists that make up Ten out of Tenn.  I can not wait to see them again.  After, was a fun trip to the liquor store for the parade the next day and a great time of music video making in the car. 

When we got home, the really interesting part happened.  There was a random ringing that was coming from the kitchen.  None of us could figure out what it was from.  It happened again.  It was at this time we figured it was SnoPeas phone, so we opened the purse — it wasn’t.  It was not even her purse.  We had at some point acquired someone elses purse. Now began the question, how in the world did we acquire someone elses purse?  We went through the scenarios, and nothing makes sense…It was the same exact purse as Celery’s but she had hers on her wrist the entire time.  None the less, the exectutive decision was made to call the girl and get her her purse.  So we did.  The next day, she met up with us and got her purse and phone back all in one piece.

That day we got stuck behind a truck who double parked. Tried to push the said truck. Squeezed out passed the said truck.  I wish I could tell this story, but I just can’t. Some nice gentlemen helped us get out and we ran over his foot.  Please check out the video.  After that we ate boudin, fried gator, corn and crab soup, cheap wine and miller high life and had the best cat naps ever.  We were then off to go back home.  It was one night that felt like a great weekend.  I definately came home and crashed! 

Sorry it took so long, and now typing all this. This week was crazy and draining.  I have no words, but none the less– I am finding that  I am just not doing the weekend justice.  Happy new week people.

Paper Rainbows…W


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