(bad fuit subject)

Good day dear people.  I hope this lil’ blurb finds you having a happy hump day.  Some news in the land of artichoke…disclaimer: this is heavily saught after updates, so I hope you are on the edge of your seat waiting for this. 1. I hate frogs.  The end. 2. I now owe Lemon. I made a deal now I have to follow through. I am very upset about this, but happy with Lemon. 3. I pretty much rock.  4. I still have yet to see several movies that I want to see.  5. Did I mention that I rock. 6. I have decided to 86 brusselsprouts from my life entirely.  7. I am getting a new camera on Friday.  I am very excited, y’all should be too.  8. V8 Southwestern Corn Soup is so delightfully good. 9. I have decided that I am terrified of spiders.  More on 9 from a brief word from my sponsor, Lemon.

~~~~Good day good people of cyber space.  Have you ever wondered how you could help out an archivist in need?  Have you ever wondered how you can create happiness at libraries around the nation named after politicians? Yes you say, well all you have to do is send me money for a mini bar in my office.  Yes that’s right.  History is scary.  History is high stress.  I have to read it and deal with it all day. Not to mention the student workers with cut extremities due to paper and the ones addicted to Rockstar Energy drinks, they stress me, more than that they are stressed. So you can support your favorite team of history preservers by sending a small donation to help us fund our mini-bar. Now back to your regurly scheduled programming.~~~~

9.  I am terrified of spiders.  They jump.  They crawl. When I see one my whole insides start crawling.  eeeek.  I thought I was okay, until last night.  Let me set it up.  SnowPea and I were driving home from church.  It was a good lesson.  I believe we were talking of small groups and going to a function on March 20th.  Then I saw it.  It was crawling up the inside of my windshield.  It was huge.  The size of my fist…maybe my thumb, but it was huge!  I slammed on my breaks and started squealling.  I thought I was tough, I thougth I was strong, but I was no match for this monster of an arachnid.  It started crawling to the rearview mirror. I finally mustered up the cooth to pull over the car.  I stoped put on my emergency flashers as this was an emergency.  SnowPea shoo’d it and it jumped.  That’s right people it jumped and threatened my very life.  So I threw open the car door, still squealing might I add and started brushing myself off like I was on fire. I may have stopped, dropped, and rolled. The whole trauma is still kind of a blur.   I swore it was on me, but SnowPea said it was in the car still.  Great I thought, now he is going to wait till my defenses are down and attack me in the morning when I am barely moving.  I swore I felt him crawling in my nose, in my ear, up my pants leg. It was awful.  I have not seen him yet today.  He probably has set up shop in my car and is housing his 100 children and wife.  It is a scary life I lead.

…lifetimes of paper rainbows…W


2 responses to “(bad fuit subject)

  1. Uh, totally with you on the spider bit! I don’t mind snakes or even roaches (I’ve even, un-purposefully, had a roach crawl up my inner thigh before)… but I can’t handle spiders. It’s definitely the jumping… and screaming. And I have the movie “Arachnophobia” to thank for that.

    I really want a flamethrower now – just in case.

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