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There are so many things that I would like to say to you, but I don’t know how…maybe, you’re gonna be the one to save me

I have said it before and I will say it once again. I have amazingly awesome friends.  I always think, what have I done to deserve them.  This year however, I have found myself separating myself from them more and more.  Who contributes greatness, who contributes non-greatness.  I am not proud of a lot that I have done in this life, but not ashamed.  Life is a tricky thing.  I instantly started singingas I typed that.  It is funny because I have made a life of reading signs, reading people, and playing the game.  Ninety percent of the time it blows up in my face.  I burn bridges.  I end up longing to be uninvolved in what I have come to be a part of.  Once again I find myself here again.  I am at a point where the decisions I have made have put me in the middle of choosing sides.  In the middle of great friends and great potential.  Put me right between the bullet and the target, just hoping that something happens organically that will save me, but all of this doesn’t matter at all when you get to see barefoot senor verde!

Last night was Pat Green.  It was so much fun.  My friend Mushroom and I went down to New Orleans and ate at the cutest lil place,  Camellia City Grill, I got a nutty waffle.  I am quite certain it is the place that Lawson and Bobby ate at in the movie…but I am still investigating.  It made my nutty waffle that much better though, just saying, “has anyone ever told you that you smell like a Parisian woman in springtime.”  We then got our daiquiris and caught the streetcar.  I think Shroom said it best when she said “every town should have a street car, it just puts everyone in a good mood, look I am instantly happier.”  It is true!  None the less, 45 minutes later at the end of the line we got off and walked the 5 or so blocks to HOB.  We got some beers, High Life, Tomato aren’t you happy we were living the high life in your honor…well more because we rock, but I will flatter you ;).  We waited and drank our beers. Caught up with my favorite family and were merry.  We sang through Senor Verde and danced around. May I say he puts on one heck of a show.  And he puts it on barefoot!  How great is that. I hate shoes and I am glad Mr. Green feels the same way.  As he played, It feels just like it should. I thought to myself. Things do indeed feel just like they should, I am betting my whole heart that this life that I am living right now is just as it should be. I am betting that cutting the right people out and keeping the right ones in will make things better.  I am betting that am learning all the right lessons, but alas I digress.  We finished out the show and headed back to the car.  After a cab ride we got in and drove across the lake to crawl in bed.  All of this brings me to my current state of heart.  The only low-lite of the night is that I lost all my pictures.  My camera is broke…as is my laptop evidently.  So if anyone wants to donate a new camera or knows how to fix computers…hit me up!  😉


Lifetimes of paper rainbows…


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