(produce post)

artiandlemonI realize I need to introduce you to the characters that shall no doubt appear in each post. So I have decided to not only change the names, but they shall become produce. That includes me.

Today I introduce you to two produces Artichoke and Lemon.

Okay I am artichoke. I have decided this because, lets face it, I rock. I am spikey sometimes. And like an onion I do indeed have layers, but they are more easily accesible, and rarely make you cry. Each layer there is a bit of meat. That gets a bit juicier and better as you get to the insides all they way to my heart. My heart is quite delightful I promise.

Lemon. Lemon is my buddy. He is needed in everything. Drinking(lemon drops) Summertime(lemon ade) Winter (hot tea, honey, and lemon) Seafood Artichoke dipping sauce ;).  Lemons clean up the stuff the others leave behind. They cut through the bitterness and add just a touch of something special.  Lemon is only a little sour, and he adds the touch of logic in every situation.  He is lemon, and needed all the time, everywhere. 

Quote of the day: Sometimes you have to kiss some ass to kiss the stars.  Enjoy!


One response to “(produce post)

  1. oh produce…you are so creative! I love that picture! is it one of your new pieces???

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