(jump and fly subject)

I decided to sum up my weekend in a random way.  Through blurbs that more than likely will make no sense to you. But it is exactly how they appear in my book.  They require no back story.  My weekend, was a beautiful weekend, with sunshine, extreme temperature shifts and great conversation.  My weekend is a great blurb in this story that I am telling. Below is a picture of me and my friend from high school.  We had a blast and I love this picture…he will forever be one of my faves in this world.

Old friends are the best company ever!

Old friends are the best company ever!

Tumbleweeds.  How cool are they. I mean they just roll around and go from place to place.  I long to live the life of a tumbleweed.  But I know that in the heart of my little artichoke soul I am indeed a girl with roots. I never meant for all this to happen, but it did. I never meant to feel the way I feel but I do.  I am just a girl with roots. 

Shrimp Poboys.  This is one of my favorite things in life.  I went to a place on Friday, it was amazing.  I imagine it to be the place that my dear fictional friends Lawson Pines and Bobby Long would have gone.  I love places that don’t take themselves to serioulsy. They just do what it is that they do best. 

Cuddling.  I mean you get hot!  What do you do with your arm?!  Maybe it is me with intimacy issues.  Maybe it gets me too close, but there is no denying, when I know you.  When I have established who you are in my life, the hug I get is the best a girl can ask for.  It just feels safe. It feels constant.  It feels right.  So maybe one day when it is right, when I meet the guy that leads me in by the small of my back and kisses my forhead when he walks by as I am sitting on the couch….maybe I just might curl right on up with my head in the niche, throw my arm across him and play with his hair.  Maybe, just maybe I will cuddle.

Faith. God never forgot about you.  You forgot what he does for you.  That is okay, I will pray for you.  I will talk to him for you. I will hold up your name, and think about you everyday.  You will calm down. You will see.  You will see that you are amazing. You are a best friend. You are an amazing son.  God knows you made mistakes.  You are one of my favorite people in this world.   I will pray everyday that you will wake up and look in the mirror and see the guy I see everytime I see you.  You will see how amazing you are. You will see how big your heart is.  You will see.  One day you will.

HOS Listed.  Good times, Great oldies! I mean, who would have known you’d go to prom with red white and blue American flag acrylic nails? I always pegged you as a  french manicure kind of kid, but hey [throwing hands up] no judgement.  None the less, you rock, as always. 

With that said, someitmes you have to jump.  Sometimes you have to jump and hope to god that you fly.  Sometimes in life, things do not come easy, and I know I said “it just shouldn’t be that difficult.” I meant it.  But sometimes it is….and sometimes at the end of the day it was all worth it. Sometimes you just have to know that you can jump…even if you can’t fly, I will catch you.  I will have a net waiting.  I will throw myself on the ground and break your fall.  And son, I am not the only one that would break your fall. So figure out what makes you happy. What makes you dance on your toes.  And jump. Just jump!


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