(two earring subject)

I think it is only fair for me to describe my daily style.  I hate make up.  It is a pain in the butt. Someone once taught the women of the world you must apply it to cover up life’s lil’ imperfections on your face and in the end you only look in the mirror and feel like you are drawing more attention to it.  Then by lunch, unless you go to the “powder room” to touch up, you have none on anymore.  If you are anything like me, I stress all day everyday…I rub my temples, rub my eyes, lean my face on my hands, so needless to say my hands are nicely made up and my face now has all that my hands have picked up while grabbing coffee, muffins, a red pen, and any other thing I may have touched in the course of a morning.  Now don’t get me wrong I wash my hands, but I still never feel like my hands are clean.  So I only put on make up if I think I might have a meeting.  I have gotten to where my make up is not in the bathroom drawer, but in my purse.  I own mascara, powder, chapstick(yes that counts), and two colors of eyeshadow.  That is it.  I feel very un-girly.  I just don’t like the make-up thing.  I may look like crap, but I am much more comfee with none on.  Same goes for nail polish….I love to get pedicures!  I hate wearing polish.  I mean it chips, and what if I get tired of the color.  I recently found this nude color at Target and it dries in 1 minute. I use that now.  I feel like half a girly girl with it on, and half I don’t really care.  Just the way I like it.   But alas I regress….So in the morning, I may or may not spend 2 minutes putting on make-up. I wash and dry my hair and occasionally run a straightener over it….then I lie in bed and stare at my closet till I decide what to wear. More often than not, black pants and a top.  On days when I want to step it up I put on some earrings.  Earrings make me feel pretty.  Bringing to my story.

I got up this morning and did not want to at all. I had two weird dreams and I was convinced there was a good one in my brain.  The other night I had dreams of my crush, we were driving around the country taking pictures at all kinds of places.  It was a good dream, I just thought this morning if I could close my eyes, that dream would come back to me, but none the less there was 30 minutes till I had to be out the door.  I went and washed my hair.  I checked my email and put biscuits in the toaster oven on 220 so I could grab them on my way out.   I went to my closet to find my favorite black pants.  I couldn’t find them. I flipped my head over to take the towel off my wet hair and to think a bit about where they might be.  I then saw them under my bed. I grabbed them and took them in the bathroom and while I blow dried my own hair I shot them with some hot air to get the wrinkles out.  Just for good measure I ran the straigtener over them to give them that just ironed look. I know, I am a clever lil’ minx.  I threw on my pants and shirt and of course one of many cardigans.  It was my favorite zebra print one.  I thought, today is lunch and a meeting, I am going to be pretty, so I went and got my favorite pair of earrings and necklace. I am building my collection and this is by far my favorite addition thus far.  I put them on, put the dogs in the bed, and went out to my car.  Then I got out of my car and ran back inside to get my biscuit and honey butter. I ran back out to my car and started her up, and started Pepe le Pod up(my iPod). Today was a Ben Lee/M.I.A./Co. of Thieves day.  It was a long ride.  I get to my exit only for it to be backed up. I think, “I am stopped in traffic, seems like a great time to put on my make up.”

I pull out my little pouch and brush on some eyeshadow and put on some chapstick. I dust my face with a bit of powder and pull down the mirror. I flip it open while taking in the sweet smell of road  kill that so nicely happened to be right outside my driver’s side door where I was at a dead stop(no pun intended).  I would not have known what the smell was had my co-worker not called to warn me of the death.  None the less, I said a  prayer for the lil’ buddy and went to put on my mascara.  That is when I saw it.  My cute gold and black necklace and it’s matching earring.  Only one.  One matching earring.  The other was a silver hoop!  How did I confuse this?  None the less, I am still wearing two different earrings as I don’t want to lose either one.  Who says earrings have to match anyways?

…wishing you lifetimes of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter…Whit


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