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I don’t really have the time to make this into an entire entry, but none the less, here are highlights of the week.

1. Marc Broussard, great show, great friends, great times. 

2. I won 50 dollars on the slot machines! Yay!

3. I made great chicken eggrolls. I am going to start cooking more and more…I have decided it is an art and I will master it!

4. The weather has truly been so beautiful. I could not have asked for a prettier, weekend.  Praise the Lord. 

5. Second on Sunrise makes delightful Pecan Praline (no long e or a’s in those words) king cakes.

6.  I come to appreciate my friends more and more everyday!  Life is just good.

7.  I got the cutest sandals ever.

8. I am starting a new book.

9. I am thinking of starting a small group(no really affiliation with a church).

10. I got a new bedspread.

11. My friend is going to help me illustrate my children’s book.


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