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Okay, soooo, here I am with my bad grammar about to tear your world up with my thoughts and randomness that goes on in my world.  I will hope that this little adventure will become my muse, in where, I am my own muse.   I have always wanted to be someones muse and I figure I am just as good as anyone else, I need a muse, I want to be a muse, I could be my own. I know, wrap your head around that one. 

and to start it off…following are random points I think of as I sit here watching all that I have on DVR from the week and after being exhausted because I did not sleep due to pure excitement of awesome days.  Here goes… 

As I sit here and watch Monday’s house, I wonder wht the greater good means.  That is what the title of the episode is.  The greater good.  It is like when people say, “That’s what they say…”  Who the heck is they?  What the heck is the greater good.  In order to have something greater, we have to compare it to something.  What is greater than the other?  This just confuses me. I am confused easily.

First impressions:  I give awful first impressions.  I mean really awful I think.  I talk in circles, and loudly, and usually lose my point. Which brings me to this, I truly believe that I am losing my memory.  I think that it is slowly fading.  I remember things that have no purpose in this life.  I remember what difference between lagers and ales are. I remember what my current crush dreams of doing.  I remember most long term things. My short term memory, however, is that of a goldfish.  If my conversation is a fish bowl, I swim and swim around and then come back to where I started not remembering that is where I started to begin with.  What is that?!

I always thought that I would be a great banjo player. Last night I went to go see a show and there was a banjo player.  I thought for most of the show, I would rock that. I mean I would really rock it. The rest of the time I was thinking this is amazing. I can not name the ways in which this was an amazing lil’ musical excursion, but it was indeed. 

I have the worse “car”ma ever.  I am a horrible driver, but not only that. When I am in the car with people they get tickets and they get in wrecks.  Windows have fallen on my car, and brick houses seem to just jump out at me when I was backing up(okay that might have been me).

I love painting, but I don’t get to do it enough.  I love the office and cried my little eyes out when Jim turned the garage into a studio.  It melted a part of my heart. The rest of my heart was melted by my college friends little baby boy today when she posted a picture of him wrapped up in a winter coat.  I have truly never seen a cuter baby. Except for perhaps mine at some point, with the guy who builds me a creation station in the garage or another room in the house.

I think this is it for now…with that said, I wish you a lifetime of paper rainbows and smooth peanut butter.


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